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    August 2010 /
    Reforestation site,
    Amoussou Kopé

    Reforestation of the land of the village school. Working the land and planting of 100 fruit trees for the benefit of the school. Empower students by giving them responsibility over the maintainence of a tree/orchard. Introduction to djembé, sport activities, songs and games with children, excursion to the waterfall of Womé.

    2010 Reboisement


    August 2009 /
    Constrution and school support,

    Tutoring in elementary and college classes in math, French, etc. Introduction to batik and djembé, sports, excursion to the waterfull at Kpimé, exploration of local agriculture.

    2009 Education


    August 2007 /
    Construction and school support,

    Social and educational events with the children of the city of Badou. Cultural activities, dances, workshops, sports, theater, visual arts, music, and games.

    2007 Education


    July 2007 /
    Construction site,

    Construction of a public latrine in the village of Atchavé. Clearing, digging the pit, collecting sand, concrete block manufacture. Visit to local centers of agriculture, excursion to the waterfull at Womé. Watch the video.

    2007 Construction


    July 2007 /
    Renovation construction,
    Amoussou Kopé

    Renovation of a public school in the village of Amoussou Kopé. Badigeonnage, painting, cementing, and manufacture of blackboards. Visit local agricultural centers and a trip up Mount Agou.

    2007 Rénovation


    The artist Nestazia

    Kossi Nestor Aziangue, who creates art under the name Nestazia, is a painter and sculptor who lives in Lomé, the capital of Togo. His African identity and current events heaviy shape the themes of his work, which include injustice, love, and Darfur, among others. See Association ATS, under Actions, then Nestazia.