Projects/ Internships


If you are an individual, student or professional
or a group (friends, students, community members ...)

and you want to discover Africa while fulfilling an internship or
tailoring your ideas or expertise into humanitarian action:
we can help!


Enjoy a rewarding experience with the international community and discover a unique culture in Togo, West Africa!


Humaniball 2010

Allen R., an intern through AS-OISOU


What we do

AS-OISOU offers students and professionals who want to pursue an internship in Africa the opportunity to work with international colleagues and to realize custom projects.


When you send a dossier to AS-OISOU the association will research institutions that meet your training objectives. AS-OISOU places the trainee in search of internship in an organization, company, or community group if the Association is not able to provide the training itself.


AS-OISOU helps you conceptualize your project before you leave, and accompanies you on the spot for its realization. You can choose to complete your project in the city or the countryside. Projects can be designed for variable durations, tailored to your availability, and we have hosted volunteers for 1, 2, 3, and 6 months or longer.


Cascade de Womé


Plage de Lomé


There is no compensation during the internships that we usually arrange, since participants tend to have a volunteer status.



The objective of AS-OISOU is to adapt a project according to your abilities and expertise in a specific area, and apply it towards infrastructural improvements in the domains of:
       education, construction, renovation and reforestation.


Volunteer Profile

Students, graduates, or anyone wishing for volunteer placement in Togo. For example, you could be:

  • students in local and international development, land use planning, sustainable development, or tourismr
  • students in environmental management, nature conservation
  • students of international relations, foreign language, education
  • a group of friends who are adept physically and good with your hands, you can take charge of the construction of a public latrine in a remote village
  • a collective of artists, you want to train with African artists and exchange knowledge or techniques
  • professor / administrator / teacher in primary schools and secondary schools
  • specialized educator (in orphanages, schools for the disabled)
  • host of cultural activities for children (theater, dance, painting, etc..)


Conditions of participation

Age Requirements : Be 18 years of age; for under 18, parental consent is required.

Health : All project participants must be physically and mentally fit.

Financement : You fund your own project. It is therefore imperative to establish a budget to fix and find the funds necessary for its implementation.


Steps to follow

Download the Fiche Projet sur Mesure/Stage and fill it out. Please clarify your goals - what do you want to achieve?  Indicate whether you wish to do your internship in a city or in rural areas.


Send the completed form above along with your CV and a cover letter by email to :, or by international mail to: Association AS-OISOU - 43 bis, Bd Henri IV - 75004 Paris FRANCE.


The AS-OISOU Association considers options for hosting you locally and a place of training (school, public or private organization, etc.), if we are not able to offer this ourself. If successful in our search, AS-OISOU will confirm its ability to organize your internship / project to realization.


AS-OISOU will then send you an agreement concerning organizing training and information necessary for the smooth functioning of your stay.
If you are a student and you want to meet institutional requirements, send us your internship agreement that we will return signed. In this case, there will be two agreements:

  • a bipartite agreement (AS-OISOU / Yourself) which will be explicit about the conditions of stay.

  • a tripartite agreement (AS-OISOU / Your institution / Yourself).


Gather all the documents necessary for your stay: passport, visa, airline tickets, proof of vaccination . For more information, see Préparatifs.


Let us know your arrival date: AS-OISOU then provides your accommodation and your reception at the airport (Airport Transportation / place of lodging)


A course certificate can be issued at the end of your internship. Basic knowledge of the French language is recommended and a willingness to learn new things is highly encouraged.

For more information, please contact AS-OISOU.


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