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L'Association des Oiseaux du Soutien, or AS-OISOU, founded in 2006, is a humanitarian non-profit organization. We are in favor of development assistance in the fields of education, construction, renovation and reforestation. All projects are conducted in Togo, West Africa.



The objective of AS-OISOU is to support the local population while respecting the environment. To meet this objective, the Association organizes missions/humanitarian projects of short duration: stays of three weeks immersed in the heart of daily life in Togo. It also establishes long-term projects in partnership with local authorities, Togolese and French governments, and other organizations. Finally, the Association can help you arrange internships in a particular field as well as custom projects.


In the field, volunteers from all over and local residents experience a warm and immediate connection. All efforts by AS-OISOU support cultural exchange and international solidarity between people.



AS-OISOU is protected by the 1901 law on associations. It was registered in Togo with the Togolese Ministry of Territorial Administration, February 1, 2006, under No. 0256. It was also registered with police headquarters in France pursuant to law February 6, 2007. The announcement was published March 17, 2007 in Journal Officiel Associations (the Official Journal of Associations).


The Association has two headquarters, one located in Lome, Togo, and the other in Paris, France. It thus has a dynamic structure, which allows AS-OISOU to best achieve its plans and to maximize their impact on the African continent.


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